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Shipping, Cost & Delivery

  • Delivery time for an order is approximately 30 days.
  • Market Orders uses 4 production processing windows with every Order Window taking 30 days from the day of order.
  • Please take note that we ship all items together based on your order window chosen by you. The chosen window date will determine when your order will ship. You can see the estimated ship date for your order in your shopping cart or on the order status page. We do our best to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. This means that many items ship ahead of schedule, though we cannot guarantee it.
  • Unfortunately, some designs may face delays. We’ll provide email alerts to keep you updated on the status of your order, and you can always check your order status page. Once we’ve shipped your order, we will alert you by text messages and/or email.
  • All orders ship with a tracking number that you can use to monitor the status of your order in transit.
  • We ship products only in United Kingdom at this point in time.

Delivery Cost

  • All orders incur a delivery fee of £19.99 and cover insurance. This will be added to your final invoice.

Delivery Timeline

  • All orders will usually be shipped to you within 30 days, unless otherwise stated.

Delivery Partners

  • All orders will be shipped via a trusted courier partner with tracking facilities.
  • We will send you the shipping reference number once we deliver the item.
  • Marketorders is not responsible if you have given us the wrong shipping address. So please ensure you provide the correct shipping details and nominate an appropriate person to collect the goods if you cannot collect them (ID validation will be required if collecting goods). 

Value-Added Tax

All customers based in the United Kingdom will see VAT automatically added to the final invoice. 

Customs, Taxes & Import Fees

Customs will charge taxes/import fees when importing and delivering your product. Any charges will be displayed on your final invoice.